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2011.09.27 (Tue)

Rochu Doujinshi 'Our Secret History' has a new website

Sorry for the lack of updates! Our Secret History's progress is still going strong. Here is a preview of its cover:

抱歉好久没更新了!"Our Secret History" 的制作还在如火如荼地进行中。以下是封面图的预览。


It has a new website: http://secret.kawaiiaru.net
This fc2 blog will cease to update. Please follow its progress on the new website.
The chinese version will be up soon.

我把官方网站设在 http://secret.kawaiiaru.net

For those who have difficulty accessing it, here is a Baidu mirror: http://hi.baidu.com/haragurotan/home. I will add info to it soon.
穿不过墙的孩子,这里有百度网站方便各位浏览: http://hi.baidu.com/haragurotan/home。过后会把本子的资料放上去。

Those who responded to my interest check much much earlier, I'll contact you next week~ Thanks for your support!

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia - Genre : Anime/Manga

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