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2011.05.08 (Sun)

Artist Recruitment for 'Our Secret History'

Do read more info about this book before you proceed.

Still interested? Great! ^^

I'm looking for Rochu fans who are willing to contribute illustrations for free, for a free copy of the book + other memorabilia (see point 2 further down) in return, or deviant art points.

What your illustration will be used for:

1) Book will be for myself, free for artists who did free requests and gift arts for the book, and free for select few people who have been supporting my stories with constant feedback and encouragement.

2) Postcards and prints of illustrations will be printed as special souvenirs for artists who did the free requests.

3) An ebook version will be available for free download / online viewing.

4) If there are other people who are interested in owning a physical copy of the book, but I do not know them well, they are expected to pay the base cost of printing one book + shipping fees.

This is strictly a non-profit, non-commercial project.


A page in the book will be set aside to credit all artists' artworks by desired name and url. I will consult all artists who contributed their art on how to write the credits before the book is sent for printing.


Types of illustrations that I require are full-colour illustrations of fluffy/happy Rochu or NC16-R18 Rochu. Style-wise, I love Shoujo style, cute styles and chibis, but I'm willing to consider other styles. The final illustration is required to be at least 300 dpi, with dimensions of
17.6 cm x 25 cm so that it is a full-page illustration.

If you have further questions or want to sign up, email me at

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia - Genre : Anime/Manga

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