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2011.05.08 (Sun)

How 'Our Secret History' Came About

I love collecting doujinshi and in spite having lots of HQ soft copies on my own hard drive, I feel that nothing beats the feeling of holding a book in one's hand. Similarly, the feel of holding a book is different from reading an electronic version of it. I can't read a tonne of words on my computer screen over and over again - that really hurts my eyes - but I know I can read a book over and over again. Hence I decided to publish my own fanfictions into a book for my own collection and enjoyment.

Many doujinshi novels I own contain illustrations. Afterall, all text seems a little boring. As somewhat of a perfectionist, I want to produce only the best things, and therefore, i decided to rope in fellow Rochu fans and artists to draw accompanying illustrations for my book so that it appeals visually too.

This is purely a non-commercial project. I have no intentions to sell this, but as more people express interest of participation, which I really feel honoured about, I decided to try to make the finished product more widely available. It doesn't seem fair that the beautiful artworks of the contributing artists are only enjoyed by myself and a handful. The physical copy of the final product will be given free to participating members, friends and readers who have always supported me and left me encouraging comments. To those who wish to own a physical copy, but whom I do not have the pleasure of getting well-acquainted with, you may purchase a copy if you pay the basic printing cost of one copy and shipping fees to your address.

Last but not least, a downloadable ebook version will eventually be made available for public download ^^

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