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2011.06.27 (Mon)

Rochu Fanbook - Our Secret History

*Front cover image is tentative and will be re-shot

Title: Our Secret History

Project Coordinator: haragurotan

About: Things you never knew about Russia and China from your history textbooks. A compilation of short Rochu fanfics by haragurotan, both old and new, arranged in chronological order based on the time line of Sino-Soviet Relations. Stories are inspired by some major events in history, but are centered around the passionate relationship of Ivan and Yao.

Rating: R18 (includes stories and illustrations)

Genre: Romantica (Romance + Lemon), Mostly fluff with a wee bit of angst, and a Happily-ever-after ending.

Size: B5: 17.6 cm x 25 cm

Approx. 100 pages for text, printed on white paper.
Approx. 15 full colour illustrations
Approx. 10 full colour BJD cosplay photographs
For further info about content, please refer to
Participating Members & Progress

Projected Print date: August 2011

Projected Release date: August - September 2011

More info:

Topic : Axis Powers Hetalia - Genre : Anime/Manga

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